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About Me

My name is T.J. Patel. How did you like my web site. Basicaly this was my first time making a web site. I don't know how was it. So if you can take a second and write me a sentence or two on the next page where it say "contact me". Anyways as you seen my friends and relatives, but you might not know much so. I have the best brother's and sister's any can ever have. They all are nice. They always stick out for me in any position. If i ever need help they're always there. Also my friends are pretty cool to hang around with.
Favourite hindi movies:- HumTum, Mujhse Saadhi Karogi, Mohabbatein, and more but can't think right now.
Favourite english movies:- 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast and Furious, Hot Chicks, Lord Of The Ring part I ,II, III. 50 First Dates, Bruce almighty, Austin Powers I, II, III, Finding Nemo (lol)....
Favourite Sports:- Basketball (La Lakers), Football (49ers), Baseball (all the team, Cricket (India).
Favourite T.V. Shows:- Fear Factor, Pyramid, Orange County Choppers, Monster Garage.
.............................HAVE A GREAT DAY..................................